Many yards are starting to show signs of stress. This can be attributed to the hot summer and also the large amounts of rain we have had that resulted in fungal disease damage. I recommend applying an organic based fertilizer to help with the heat. If you need help identifying fungal disease or any other damage, please do not hesitate to .

With the below Earthworks Replenish organic based, blended fertilizer 3-4-3 your lawn will get a summer green up. Organic fertilizers will not burn your grass and can be spread liberally throughout your lawn and even into adjacent garden and plant bed areas. Not only will this application feed your lawn slowly without risk of burn, but it will also feed your soil. Below is the description of the product from Landscape supply as well as a link to their website. This should be applied any time between now and the middle of August and should be applied at 6lbs per 1,000 square feet – each 50lbs bag will cover 8,000 square feet.


  • Earthworks Replenish 3-4-3 is 100% egg layer poultry compost. This product is a very effective and inexpensive form of top dressing fertilizer and is an important part of many soil programs.
  • The compost used in this product is all egg layer waste, which is very high in calcium, carbon and naturally occurring minerals. This product has gone through two separate digestion cycles, one in the bird and one in the composting facility. The digestion process in the animal allows all the minerals not used by the bird to become a part of the fertilizer. The additional composting process then adds more microbial richness. Because we use the best raw materials available, the EarthWorks Replenish compost is a powerful fertilizer that feeds both the soil and the plant.

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