Lawn Care

We offer a variety of services and treatments that will fit your lawn care needs. Want a great looking yard without the worry of what to do next? Fields Irrigation offers annual contracts with flexible monthly payments that are customized to each customer’s specific needs. The contract covers everything from the first application of pre-emergent to irrigation winterization using top quality products designed for our region.

Below is a sample of what is included:

March Pre-Emergent herbicide/fertilizer with Crab Grass Control
April  Irrigation startup and annual backflow certification
May  Pre-Emergent herbicide/fertilizer with Crab Grass Control Second Application
Post-Emergent Weed Control
July  Organic Summer Turf Fertilization Application
August  Soil Test
September  Aeration, Seeding, Starter fertilization
October  Fall Maintenance fertilization

Late Fall/winterization fertilizer
(Promotes Root Growth)
Irrigation Winterization