With the cold weather quickly approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your sprinkler system for the cold winter.

Fields Irrigation offers complete sprinkler system maintenance and winterization services. From a broken sprinkler ran over by a vehicle to a break in you sprinkler line, we can fix it all.

It is important to winterize your Sprinkler System to avoid costly damages done by water expansion during the cold months. When systems are not properly drained, the most common damage is a split copper or ball valve on the back flow preventer. This repair is costly due to the time it takes to replace the copper parts and re-attach them. Poly Pipe that is not winterized will become brittle from the cold and when the water expands it breaks easily. Sprinkler heads with water left in them will also break when the water within them freezes and expands inside.

Winterizing Your Irrigation System

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