We’ve been lucky to have a little taste of spring in between these frigid weeks. I’m very excited that Spring is just around the corner as it means it’s the beginning of doing what I’m passionate about – taking care of lawns and irrigation systems.

During the first two weeks of March I will be applying the first round of spring fertilizer and pre-emergent. This covers 10,000 square feet. I can deliver this for you with no extra fee or apply it for an additional fee.

I am also scheduling Irrigation Start-Ups and Backflow Certifications. Depending on the weather, I hope to begin these mid-March. The cost for Start-Up and Backflow Certification will be $60.00. Winterizations in the fall will be $40.00 again this year so the total cost for the year for all irrigation services will be $100.00.

Please let me know if you need any mulch delivered, spread, or bed edges defined. I am happy to pass on the mulch discounts I receive from Yard Works which is roughly 10% off retail prices.

Below is a list of services that I specialize in. Although these will be my main focus, I will be happy to help you with any of your outdoor needs.

Services Offered:

Annual Chemical Services (the below services can be tailored to meet your desired results and be applied at manufacturer recommendations)

March: Pre-Emergent Barricade 14-0-2 (pre-emergent i.e. kills weeds before they start)

April: Irrigation Start up, and State Required Annual Backflow certification

Early May: Dimension 5-0-15 (pre-emergent i.e. kills weeds before they start)

Late May: 4-Speed XT ( herbicide i.e. weed killer)

July: Quincept (herbicide i.e. weed killer), Organic Earthworks fertilizer 3-4-3

August: Soil test

September: Aerate, starter fertilizer, seed

October: Mid-Season Fertilizer Southern Lawn 25-0-3

November: Winterizing Fertilizer Southern Lawn 32-0-7, Irrigation winterization

December: Organic Earthworks Fertilizer 8-2-2

Irrigation Start-Ups/Winterizations

Irrigation Repairs

Irrigation Installations

State Required Annual Backflow Certifications

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Design and Installation

Bed Edging and Mulching


Your business is very much appreciated!

Thank you,

Jason Fields

Fields Irrigation